Mister Bar Catering specializes in innovative concept bar creations, sommeleria service, champagneria, open bar for private parties, vernissages, corporate and fashion events. Set up a personalized bar taking care of customers’ desires, tastes and needs. There are several solutions offered

  • Classic bar: an all-inclusive bar with formal service
  • Exotic bar: a classic bar with the addition of frozen cocktails, coladas and crushed with exotic flavors
  • Molecolar bar: an innovative bar service that uses chemistry
  • Fluo bar: a bar service where there is so much to see and be amazed !!!
  • Ice bar: a service bar full of ice, to give chills …
  • Bio bar: a map of drinks linked to the territory and seasonality of the products.
  • Limoncello bar: a themed bar dedicated entirely to lemon in all its forms and tastes
  • Finger food bar: an offer dedicated to single portion and its many colors and flavors
  • Sushi bar: an oriental bar service, based on sushi & sashimi and its variants, combined with Japanese beer and green tea based cocktails.
  • Martini bar: dedicated to the icon of mixing in all its facets
  • Mozzarella bar: a bar entirely dedicated to Campania buffalo mozzarella and its derivatives
  • Oyster & perlage bar: a menu dedicated to Italianness that ranges from sparkling wines to oysters, to seafood typical of the Gulf of Naples
  • Grappa bar: a bar dedicated to the Italian distillate par excellence and to the tasting of chocolate and exotic fruits and cigars
  • After dinner bar: a service bar with the typical tones of a Manatthan bar
  • Pizza bar: a service bar dedicated to the real pizza made in Naples cooked exclusively in a wood-burning oven and combined with typical regional drinks
  • Coffee break: a bar to accompany a business meeting with style and taste.
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